Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ghost Tree DGC Part 2: A Synopsis

Ghost Tree DGC Hole 6 mid-fairway
           We’ve played disc golf all over the country and we’ve played at the highest levels of competition with some of the most talented players in the game.  Along the way, it became clear that something drastic had to be done with course design.  Most disc golf courses simply don’t hold up to today’s golf discs.  Regarding wooded courses, we intend to open the game up and let it breathe by creating fairways that keep step with today’s disc technology.  Ultimately, players want to see their discs fly fast and far off the tee.

Ghost Tree 12/4/07
Our latest creation, Ghost Tree DGC is inspired by a big break off the rugged Northern California coast.  This wave is not for the faint of heart.  When northern Pacific storms push in a swell, the massive waves at Ghost Tree demand good decision-making and the rider’s most acute senses.
While not as perilous as its namesake, Ghost Tree DGC promises to offer a stern test of skill and course management.  This project is the result of many years of play and study and we couldn’t be happier with it.  As the newest addition to the Augusta Disc Golf Park in Augusta, Maine, Ghost Tree will contrast well with the more beginner friendly course (Quarry Run) on the property.  At roughly 9500’ from the gold tees and 7800’ from the white tees, Ghost Tree is certain to present a unique and thrilling challenge for both advanced and novice players alike.

As a legitimate par 70, Ghost Tree will be a bit longer than most disc golfers are accustomed, however the course is very fair, well balanced, and true to the game.  Ample fairways and landing areas linked with formidable putting areas will be found nestled among stands of oak, maple, and beech within a spectacular rolling terrain.  This property is nothing short of perfect for disc golf and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Adjusting the scene

At this point, 90% of the cut is complete.  We still have to thin some of the rough and stump grind the fairways but we’ll soon be able to install equipment and supporting elements.  It’s been a long road but we can finally see the light.  Summer 2014…let’s play some golf!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Bring You, Ghost Tree DGC

 Part 1: New England’s First World-Class Par 70 Disc Golf Course 

          Hello and welcome.  I hope everyone is finally shaking off the cold.  We’ve been enjoying the long New England winter, but at this point, it would be nice to see less polar vortex and more southerly flow.  As another exciting season gets underway, thoughts of golf come to mind.  Conceptually, golf is one of the greatest games ever invented and obviously, the sport responsible for Disc Golf.  At it's heart a complex affair, a perfect metaphor for life, but on the surface the game is simple; the player must strategically plot their way around the course in as few shots as possible. 

Augusta Disc Golf Park Augusta , Maine
Most golf courses carry a par of 70-72.  This means that on an 18-hole course, each hole averages roughly a par 4.  The challenge and fun in golf, naturally is in linking shots together to get a chance to putt for birdie.  Par 3’s are less challenging overall and generally make up no more than 1/3 of a golf course.  Disc golf has developed a little differently and for the most part, remains a par 3 game.  Even today, many of our sport’s most prestigious events are still held on par 3 courses.  We know disc golf can be bigger and better than that!  We’re confident our beloved sport will continue to grow and mature beyond this adolescent phase.  It’s understood that par 3 courses are great for beginners, kids, and those in search of a quick round but overall these courses require far less strategy to score well.  Multiple shot holes, on the other hand, are the essence of golf.

Ben shows the way

Shorter courses will always have their place in the game but the DG courses with the highest playability moving forward will be the courses that test the player in different ways on different days.  Having to link two shots together on nearly every hole is a completely different ball game…so to speak.  One of our main goals here at 10DOWN Disc Golf is to grow the game by improving the field of play.  We have a number of projects in the works right now that we’re pretty pumped about. We’re really excited about New England’s very first world-class, par-70 disc golf course!

Ghost Tree DGC Hole 9 mid-fairway

10DOWN Disc Golf Co. has been working hard over the past two years to bring you a revolution in DG course design.  We’re happy to announce, coming this summer Ghost Tree DGC will be open and ready for play!  Ghost Tree will join Quarry Run DGC as the second installment at the Augusta Disc Golf Park, located at 225 Hospital St. Augusta, Maine.  Greg Cyr, owner of the facility, put his trust into us with this project and we can’t thank him enough.  We really appreciate his vision in allowing us to take the game to the next level.  Thank you, Greg!

Hole 1 plays uphill to an oak fortified putting area

Stay tuned. There's more to come...